What is Fulfillment?

Ask the average person on the street what “fulfillment” is, and you’ll get a range of answers. If your interviewee is a deep thinker, the answer will likely be a long, philosophical statement about what makes you truly happy as a person. Our company isn’t really set up to help you with that kind of fulfillment, but we are definitely prepared to help you with the business definition of fulfillment: getting materials from the warehouse to the end user. That’s a short, easy-to-remember definition, but as you can imagine, there are huge challenges behind it. Here is a quick introduction to the overall topic of fulfillment and a few of the powerful approaches that we use to accomplish it for our clients.

B2B Fulfillment

Spectra Integration focuses on a specific type of fulfillment: business-to-business, or “B2B.” This is in contrast to business-to-consumer, or “B2C” fulfillment, which is the type that most people would be more familiar with. Online retail stores such as Amazon.com rely on B2C fulfillment, while B2B fulfillment is rarely noticed by retail customers. Those customers don’t often think about the path that mailed advertisements, product catalogs, promotional products, or signs in their local store have taken before reaching their destination. But as any manager at a large corporation knows, it takes a lot of time, work, and money to get them there. With our help, it takes a lot less of all three.

Saving Time

In a typical fulfillment process, materials travel from a printing facility to a warehousing facility—that may be a dedicated, advanced fulfillment center like ours, or it may be a location as simple as a corner of the corporation’s office space that is not being used. Not only does our fulfillment center eliminate the mistakes, misplaced materials, and inefficiency of a makeshift storage method, but it also eliminates that travel between printing and warehousing. We feature a powerful printing facility in-house, including state-of-the-art technology such as the HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press. This close coordination gives our clients incredible efficiency when taking projects from the design phase all the way through delivery to the end user.

Saving Work

We handle B2B fulfillment through a number of powerful, versatile online tools, specifically designed to facilitate the fulfillment process from beginning to end. Tasks that used to require in-person meetings, travel, and the exchange of physical documents are now simple digital submissions via an online web-2-print portal. At the other end of the fulfillment chain, end users such as sales representatives also use an online storefront that can be fully customized—not just to match your company, but also to match individual representatives’ access levels and local needs. It would be impossible to estimate the number of hours, travel miles, and headaches our e-fulfillment system has saved for our grateful clients over the years!

Saving Money

The inventory system that we use at Spectra Integration is all that you would expect from a leading 21st century fulfillment center—and more. We have been in the business long enough to know that kitting mistakes, slow data integration processes, and shipping delays are not just nuisances; they are unacceptable to our fulfillment clients. Every shipment that leaves our warehouse has undergone numerous strict inspections, not only visually, but electronically as well. This reliability is one of the biggest factors in saving money for our fulfillment clients.

In reality, every phase of our fulfillment chain saves money for the client, due to the fact that the client has outsourced it to a team of professionals with the practical experience and the technology to accomplish it at peak efficiency. That’s the reason major national corporations with extremely complex fulfillment needs continue to trust our Columbia, South Carolina-based team and facility with their digital print, inventory, kitting, and direct mail activities.

Maybe you are just realizing how complex fulfillment is going to be for your quickly growing company, or maybe it has been an obstacle to growth for your national company for some time. In either case, Spectra Integration is your single source for all fulfillment activities. We hope that you will get in touch with us directly through our live chat, email form, or phone number (855-844-9393) to find out more.