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Like so many other business tasks, the Internet has transformed the way fulfillment works. This complex, multi-phase process used to be incredibly cumbersome, consuming huge amounts of time and resources on the part of companies that needed to get print, graphics, and marketing items into the hands of their sales personnel. Today, the power of our web fulfillment center slashes those required amounts of time and resources and gives companies an unprecedented opportunity to simplify the entire fulfillment process.

Inside a Web Fulfillment Center

The goal of our web fulfillment center is to make it as easy as possible for a company to:

  • Upload designs for print materials
  • Place orders for high quality promotional items and apparel
  • Achieve consistent branding of all material types and sizes
  • Keep materials in stock and ready to ship out
  • Enjoy efficient, accurate data integration for accurate processing of complex orders
  • Customize kitting for different end users
  • Print, inventory, and ship marketing materials with peak efficiency

If this sounds like a tall order, that’s because it is. It takes a lot of specialized equipment, powerful technologies, and experienced, dedicated staff members to accomplish it. Fortunately, Spectra Integration has been operating, perfecting, and improving its all-in-one web fulfillment center for decades, creating a fully developed facility that is ready to take on your company’s entire fulfillment process.

Inventory Savings

Disorganization costs money. It is possible to know exactly how many pieces of any given marketing material your company has on hand at any given time, but only if those pieces are being stored in a web fulfillment center with an accurate inventory system. Expert fulfillment services prevent materials from being lost or overstocked. In addition, it ensures that when a mailing needs to go out, the materials are in stock in the right quantities and there is no delay for the end users.

Kitting Accuracy

When we set up your account, we create an online storefront system that is fully customized to fit the way your business works. We make it easy for personnel at each of your locations to identify which of your in-stock materials they need, place orders for customized kits of those materials, and get those kits delivered on time.

Data Integration

Our mastery of data integration is behind our ability to create complex, customized kits for different user access levels, rebate amounts, and other variables. Advanced methods, including personal URLs (PURLs), printed bar codes for activity tracking, and unique usernames and passwords for online storefront access ensure that each of your employees gets the exact materials and online resources that they need to do their job well.

We look forward to telling you more about just how our web fulfillment center can help your company achieve the growth that it is capable of. Please contact us directly to learn more!


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