Two Outsourced Fulfillment Success Stories

If you have spent any time browsing our website (and we do invite you to do so!), you know that the primary reason to work with an outsourced fulfillment service like Spectra Integration is to benefit from its built-in efficiency, technology, and experience benefits. Our promise to your company is that when we take over stocking materials, managing inventory, kitting, and mailing shipments to your users, we streamline the process and do it much more effectively than your company would be able to on its own. That power helps drive your company’s growth, as you are able to spend less time wrestling with fulfillment processes and more time developing and implementing growth strategies.

Today, we have two real-life success stories to share with you that illustrate what is possible when you make outsourced fulfillment part of your business. We think you’ll like what you read!

Complex, Reusable Event Kits

An “event kit” is a collection of marketing materials that help to advertise a manufacturer’s products. The basic idea is that the manufacturer sends the kit to a retail store, where the staff unpacks and displays the banners, inflatables, window stickers, signs, and other materials for a designated amount of time. At the end of that period, the retail store repacks the materials and returns them to the manufacturer, where they are restocked and readied for the next event kit order.

The management system required to accurately and efficiently keep these event kits moving in and out of the warehouse is incredibly complex! When the client came to us with this project, we devised a strategy that would address all the details of the event kit inventory, ordering, mailing, return, restock, and reordering processes. One of the key components of this strategy was a custom-built online scheduling system. Through the online system, retail stores can request one of several different kit options, schedule their usage period through an easy-to-use interactive calendar, and submit payment directly to our client.

Our experienced staff assembles the kits, complete with a return label and instructions for using the materials, and receives the returned kits again at the end of the period. We inspect the returned materials for damage, order new items when necessary, and restock the materials in our facility in preparation for the next order. The client loves the level of convenience for retail stores, as the potentially difficult order/return process is streamlined and made as simple as possible.

Two-Tiered Member Kits

Another kind of kit that we handle 3rd party fulfillment for is a “member kit.” This is a collection that an aftermarket auto parts manufacturer sends to new retailers to assist with marketing. The contents of each kit vary based on the retailer’s level of participation, so a complex inventory, kitting, and tracking system was needed for maximum efficiency. The items included in the campaign include not only traditional promotional materials like signage and giveaway items, but also customer rebates that require a dedicated, highly reliable tracking system.

The multi-tiered member kits have been very successful, expanding the ability of our client of enlist new retailers, offer them a range of participation options, and team up with them to market their products effectively. With our expert inventory management staff handling kit assembly, restocking/reordering of materials, and tracking customer rebate amounts, the client enjoys the benefits of a highly effective marketing campaign without having to create the infrastructure and train employees in-house.

Data integration was another factor that was immensely important for the member kit project. In many of our outsourced fulfillment campaigns, coordinating multiple data sources from clients is a key element for success. Our dedicated data integration team accomplishes this efficiently while keeping the information secure—a non-negotiable in today’s age of digital identity theft.

Your Outsourced Fulfillment Needs

For each of these two clients, our expert outsourced fulfillment team built a comprehensive marketing strategy that met every need, minimized expenses on the part of the client, and provided a B2B fulfillment solution that was easy for end-users to understand and interact with. If you would like to know more about our 3rd party fulfillment services and the incredible benefits that they hold for your business, please get in touch with us directly today!