Top Five Advantages of Using a Fulfillment Service

If your impression of using a third-party fulfillment service is that you simply pay someone else to store your materials in a warehouse until you need them, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Warehouse space, while valuable, is only the tip of the iceberg—an experienced, technologically advanced fulfillment service can really be the key that opens up brand new opportunities for your business’s growth. Today we have five great advantages of third-party fulfillment to share with you; as you will see, these advantages quickly solve some of the most troublesome problems that growing companies deal with:

  1. No Trial-and-Error Learning Curve

No business manager likes the term “trial and error” because that’s a very inefficient (translate: expensive!) way to learn how to do something. As your company expands, your fulfillment requirements also expand, requiring new approaches, new equipment, and new personnel in order to keep up with demand. This dramatic expansion is a huge problem for many companies, but your business can bypass it altogether by passing on its fulfillment activities to a third-party service with advanced infrastructure and expert fulfillment personnel already in place. When your partner is a fulfillment service provider that concentrates on the fulfillment chain, you benefit directly from the experience and innovation achieved by that provider.

  1. Expanded Capabilities

Recently, Spectra Integration has made huge steps forward in fulfillment for retail locations across the country, specifically through the introduction of online storefronts that mimic the simplicity, convenience, and security of the best online shopping websites. Very few companies accomplishing fulfillment on their own would ever have the time, manpower, funding, or expertise in-house to develop a fully functional online fulfillment system, but that’s exactly what you get when you sign up with Spectra.

  1. Reduced Costs

On the surface, it might seem that cost would be a disadvantage of using third-party fulfillment, not an advantage. But paying a dedicated company to handle fulfillment is one of the most profitable investments that a quickly growing business can make. It eliminates a long list of expenses, from purchasing/leasing warehouse space to maintaining that space to hiring and training new employees to handle inventory and shipping. The expertise of your third-party fulfillment service also eliminates waste caused by inventory and kitting mistakes—think of seasonal marketing campaign materials failing to make it to their destinations on time, for instance!

  1. Data Security

Fulfillment activities frequently involve personal and proprietary information at several different levels. Marketing campaigns that make use of customers’ addresses, phone numbers, and other personal details must be handled with strict data security protocols, and a fulfillment service like Spectra Integration has the security in place to do just that. Spectra is even 100% HIPAA compliant, certified to handle patients’ medical information when conducting fulfillment activities for clinical research sites, hospitals, and other organizations in the healthcare industry. Secure online communication through dedicated online portals and the secure destruction of physical documents after a campaign concludes are a few examples of our standard data security measures.

  1. Integrated Printing Possibilities

Not all fulfillment services offer integrated printing capability, but Spectra Integration does. Our printing facility has been in operation for decades, and today it offers consistent, beautiful, and durable materials for all of your company’s marketing needs. Combining printing and fulfillment in a single provider eliminates potential coordination difficulties, which can lead to missed deadlines and inconsistent branding across marketing materials. The same technological innovations that characterize our online storefronts and inventory systems extend to our printing process—clients submit designs and templates to us quickly and conveniently using online storefronts customized to meet their businesses’ needs.

There are many other advantages to using Spectra Integration as your dedicated fulfillment service provider—these are just the top five! Because we fully customize our printing, inventory, kitting, and shipping processes to match each of our clients’ unique set of needs, with our guidance each of those clients discovers additional important benefits that can help them drive growth and reach more potential customers. Learn more by emailing us or giving us a call—it will be our pleasure to introduce you to more advantages of our fulfillment service!