Three Reasons a Fulfillment Service Is a Necessity

We’d like to propose a statement that might sound surprising at first: for some companies, hiring a top-notch fulfillment service is not a luxury; it’s nearly a necessity if they expect to thrive and grow in their field. The surprising thing about that statement is the very idea of a third-party fulfillment provider is fairly new; how can it be that it has already become so important? We hope that the following discussion will shed some light on the subject and help you understand the full potential that third-party fulfillment has to offer.

We can explain in terms of three primary reasons. Your business’s performance in these three areas will either restrict growth or promote it, and working closely with a third-party fulfillment service is one of the best ways to maximize that performance.

  1. Competition

The technology that is available for fulfillment tasks today is truly remarkable. Just consider the fact that Amazon has already tested Amazon Prime Air, a service that fulfills online orders by drone in 30 minutes or less. Few companies offer that level of convenience at this point, but they do offer high levels of fulfillment speed, accuracy, flexibility, affordability, and customer service—levels that were unheard of just a decade or so ago. It’s very difficult for a manufacturing company to keep up with this competition without sinking huge amounts of money and time into developing a state-of-the-art fulfillment infrastructure.

When you hire a fulfillment service like Spectra Integration, you essentially add that state-of-the-art infrastructure to your company overnight. It’s the quickest way to keep up with the competition and even achieve an edge of your own.

  1. Cost

The cost of maintaining even a simple, basic fulfillment department can be a significant drain on the resources of a company that could better use those resources to grow the company itself. That basic department will most likely not make use of the latest, most efficient pick and pack fulfillment technologies, and its storage and inventory practices may waste time as a result. Even worse, a lack of advanced inventory, kitting, and accuracy checking systems will lead to frequent mistakes, which in turn waste money due to returned items, replacement shipments, and possibly lost clients.

A powerful third-party fulfillment service eliminates these costs, granting the client company efficient, technology-based solutions from stocking new materials to shipping them out to B2B users. One of the top items on clients’ lists when they are searching for a fulfillment partner is accuracy, and Spectra Integration has the infrastructure in place to make sure that every envelope and shipment that leaves our facility is accurately kitted and addressed.

  1. Expectations

Your company’s B2B users and customers have certain fulfillment expectations, largely formed by their experiences with the best online retailers—companies that have spent decades researching and perfecting the best possible methods for processing customer orders and fulfilling them. It may seem unfair to you for those users to expect the same level of service from you, but the reality is that with some help, you can meet and even exceed those expectations.

An online storefront that looks and feels like that of a standard online retail store can present the marketing materials of a manufacturing company, for instance, to the retail sales representatives that carry that company’s products. Those representatives can then use the storefront to assemble customized kits of materials and place their orders, which are fulfilled at Spectra Integration’s modern warehouse by expert staff using efficient kitting technologies. Following a detailed accuracy check, the orders are shipped to their destinations on time.

How is your company doing in these three areas? If you feel you are falling behind your competition, an expert fulfillment service can give you the edge back. If costs for inventory, shipping, and correcting mistakes seem out of control, the answer is a warehouse and kitting process that offers maximum efficiency. And if you recognize that your fulfillment process is not meeting the expectations of your B2B users, it is a mistake to continue with that process. The experts at Spectra Integration are ready to meet with you, learn about your company, and be the powerful, growth-driving fulfillment service that your company has been waiting for.