Spectra Integration PICA Awards

Spectra Integration Wins Big at the PICA Awards

Spectra Integration PICA AwardsSpectra Integration is a full-service fulfillment company, and one of the unusual advantages we offer our fulfillment clients is our high quality print facility. When a client needs brochures, sales materials, or other printed items, we are able to cut costs and time for that client by printing the materials in house. And there is no loss of quality—in fact, as you will read later in this article, our print facility is equipped to produce beautiful, industry-leading results. Actually, some of our clients choose to work with us primarily because we offer such consistent, brilliant,and dependable color matching and quality.

The PICA Awards

The Printing Industry of the Carolinas (PICA) is just one of the industry associations with which Spectra Integration is affiliated. Our membership allows us to keep up with the latest developments in printing technology, connect with other members and exchange experience and knowledge, and participate in programs like the PICA Awards to celebrate the best of what’s going on in North and South Carolina in the printing industry.

Since 1966, the PICA Awards have represented an opportunity for companies, college programs, and even high schools to submit their best work and compete with others for awards in various categories. For the 2016 PICA Awards, there were 670 entries, submitted by 53 North and South Carolina companies as well as a number of college and high school programs. Spectra Integration was honored with six “Best of Category Awards” as well as one “Special Judges Award.” We are very thankful for the recognition, and we think it’s a great example of the way Spectra Integration is continuing to lead the way in printing excellence in our region.

Awards Criteria

The PICA Awards is not necessarily an “art contest,” focused on creativity and artistry. Rather, it looks for high quality in printing, examining factors such as color depth, richness, ink and paper quality, and sharpness. For categories that include binding and other finishing features, the quality of those efforts is very important.

A PICA Award for a given category is a signal to a potential client that the company that won that award displayed unusual printing quality and skill. It indicates that the company will be able to come through and exceed the client’s expectations by printing their materials with the same quality and skill, and that’s what we are proud to offer to our clients as we celebrate our 2016 PICA awards. In addition to our great customer reviews, the awards provide assurance that we don’t just make big claims about our print facility—we live up to those claims as well.

Print and Fulfillment

The link between printing and the rest of the B2B fulfillment chain—inventory, kitting, shipping, etc.—can be a tricky one for a manufacturing company to manage. Timing is a very important factor, as sales materials need to make it to the end users in time for campaigns. However, delays can easily occur between a printing company and the fulfillment provider, preventing materials from getting stocked and shipped on time. By operating a print facility in house, we eliminate that level of complexity and dramatically increase efficiency for the entire fulfillment chain.

Our print facility has been in business for decades, and we regularly add newly designed equipment in order to keep our clients at the forefront of the print industry. Our recent success at the PICA Awards shows that our focus on innovation and our embrace of new technologies are paying off!

Increasing the Convenience of Printing

Streamlining the process of getting printed materials into our warehouse and on their way to your B2B users is only one of the ways that we are making things easier for our fulfillment clients. Another area of innovation for us is that of web-based communications. Our clients use an intuitive online system to submit designs for print materials, communicate with us about details, view proofs, and conduct other important activities. This high level of convenience saves a lot of money and time for everyone and accelerates the printing process to a great degree.

We at Spectra Integration hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you how our award-winning print facility, our technology-driven inventory system, and our other advantages can help your company do what it does even better. Get in touch with us today!

Spectra Integration PICA Awards

We were proud to bring home a number of awards from the PICA Awards this year!