Meet the Experts Behind Spectra’s Fulfillment Success

Get acquainted with the leaders of Spectra Integration, their valuable industry experience, and their ideas for the future.

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In our digital print center, our warehouse, and our kitting facility, there are a lot of automated processes. We put technology to work whenever possible to accomplish repetitive tasks requiring accuracy, consistency, and speed. But Spectra Integration is far from being a building full of machines, doing their own thing with hardly a human being in sight. One of the facts that puts Spectra Integration at the forefront of the fulfillment industry is the team of leaders that directs our technology-based systems. These experts bring decades of experience in a variety of different fields, putting all of that experience together and harnessing the efficiency of technology to provide clients with game-changing fulfillment solutions. In this podcast, we’d like to introduce you to our leadership team and show you that your fulfillment needs are in very good hands here at Spectra Integration.

Let’s start with David Schmidt, the director of Brains for Hire. That’s the name we’ve given to our data integration team, which specializes in taking data from various sources and integrating it into a single form, document, or database. Every client’s data integration project is unique, and David’s team has to be extremely versatile in the way it puts our technology to work solving these complex challenges. Fortunately, David’s 40-plus years of experience in graphic arts and technology are up to this tough leadership task.

Next, let’s meet Gary Hair. As the vice president of marketing and client strategy, Gary is the expert you’ll meet with when your company needs to build a focused, highly effective marketing campaign. He’s been successful in helping clients with branding, strategic planning, and execution for almost forty years, and you’ll love the ideas he comes up with for your marketing campaign.

Tom Stanek is a very busy man. As the director at Spectra Integration, Tom oversees multiple departments, using his experience in a number of different areas to make those departments as effective as possible. He has been managing sales for over 20 years, and his coordination skills are a big part of what makes our fulfillment chain work as efficiently as it does.

Finally, we get to Walter Kohn, our company’s president and general manager. Walter’s vision for Spectra Integration is rooted in one critical idea: becoming what every individual client needs us to become in order to best meet their fulfillment needs. That’s how Spectra works: we think of ourselves as the fulfillment department of each client’s company, adopting their goals, priorities, and strategies and putting our decades of experience and our powerful technology resources to work on their behalf. Walter’s strong leadership encourages us to constantly look for new ways to do that, and as our entire leadership team works together, our power for efficient fulfillment increases all the time.

Because our leadership team understands that coordination with other industry leaders is important for progress, they have guided Spectra Integration to be a part of several important trade associations. We are proud to be members of the Printing Industries of America, the Printing Industry of the Carolinas, and Epicomm, an association that serves the graphic communications field. The benefits of our membership in these groups get passed on to our clients, as our print and other divisions become more streamlined, more powerful, and more cost-effective.

We would love to get to know you personally! If you would like more information about how the leadership team and expert staff at Spectra Integration can revolutionize your company’s marketing strategy, just get in touch with us through our website. Tune in next time, and thanks so much for listening to the Spectra Integration podcast.


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