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An overview of Spectra Integration’s award-winning print facility and its potential to provide added efficiency for fulfillment clients

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Fulfillment is all about getting printed materials and marketing supplies from the manufacturer to the people who are going to use them to sell to the public. But before fulfillment can happen, you have to actually create those printed materials and marketing supplies. Usually, that means working with an independent printing company and coordinating their production with your fulfillment service. When everything works according to plan, the printer completes a project by the deadline, gets the materials to your fulfillment provider, and from there they get stocked and then shipped out to your users. But honestly, even in that ideal scenario, there is quite a bit of work that has to be done to coordinate those two companies’ efforts. That work is probably being done by you, and you probably also feel the responsibility of keeping an eye on the process to assure yourself that the two companies are communicating with each other and working according to the same plan. After all, if something goes wrong, it’s your company’s profit margin that’s going to suffer!

If only there were a way to eliminate that step between printer and fulfillment provider. What you really need is a state-of-the-art fulfillment service that operates its own print facility. Of course, that print facility would need to be just as advanced as the independent printers you would otherwise use, so that you wouldn’t be trading quality for efficiency. You’d want the facility to be equipped with modern printers, binders, folding machines, and other equipment and staffed by professionals who have the proven ability to turn your designs into beautiful, effective marketing materials.

If you’ve taken a look around the Spectra Integration website, you probably already know what I’m going to say next. As it happens, Spectra has been in the printing business for forty years. Today, our seasoned print facility functions as an integrated part of our fulfillment chain. That means no extra steps between printer and fulfillment provider, and our clients can rest easy knowing that their materials aren’t going to get lost or mixed up on their way between the two. And with each project, money is saved due to the efficiency benefits of having printing, inventory, and shipping all handled by the same third-party provider.

You may be wondering how you can be sure that the Spectra Integration print department is competitive with the other printers available for your company to choose from. As a matter of fact, earlier this spring Spectra participated in an annual competition hosted by a regional industry association, the Printing Industry of the Carolinas (PICA for short). At the PICA Awards ceremony near Charlotte, North Carolina, the association gave Spectra Integration six awards for printing excellence, as well as one special judges’ award. We’re very thankful for the recognition, and we think the awards show that Spectra truly keeps up with the best of the best among our fellow PICA members.

When it comes to technical print and graphic details like color matching, brightness, specialty inks, and unusual substrates, Spectra Integration’s print facility is a great choice for your company’s printing needs. When you add the benefits of linking with our other advanced fulfillment solutions, the choice becomes even more clear. Give us a call today to learn more and to make Spectra Integration your print and fulfillment partner.

As always, we hope you’ll listen to the Spectra Integration podcast again next month, and check out the Newsroom section of our website to read our blog and in-depth case studies. Thanks for listening, and we’ll talk to you next time!


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