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A thoroughly efficient pick, pack, and ship process is an important driving force behind the marketing efforts of a company with complex shipping needs. With multiple shipments of promotional items, large format, and other materials coming into a warehouse, keeping those items inventoried and kitting them accurately when they are needed are impossible tasks without an advanced, comprehensive system that integrates the entire range of pick and pack fulfillment activities.

Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment Efficiency

The average person finds it difficult to process just how a busy warehousing facility keeps track of the many shipments moving in and out the doors. Our technologically advanced inventory system gives us the ability to maintain control of the flow of print materials, promotional items, apparel, large format pieces, signage, and the other elements that are needed for various clients’ kits. During the kitting stage, we use that inventory to locate each item needed for each kit efficiently.

Kitting and Distribution

Kitting has the potential to make a marketing campaign a success or a failure, depending on its accuracy, speed, and customization level. Once we have gone through the process of setting up a web-2-print system that is tailored to match the needs of your company and its marketing materials, you can count on those materials being inventoried and safely stored in our modern warehousing facility. Kitting, however, is the fulfillment step during which those materials are assembled and combined with other materials to form the kits that your sales staff needs. If this crucial step does not happen according to plan, the campaign with which it is associated is in danger of becoming a wasted effort.

Data Integration

Our data integration services represent a huge advantage for our kitting clients. Brains for Hire is our data integration division, an immensely skilled and hardworking group of people who use each client’s various data sources to their full potential. Our pick, pack, and ship services rely on this data integration to customize shipments, differentiate between levels of access for recipients, and otherwise assemble each kit according to a complex set of criteria.

Your Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment Center

The quickest route to a pick, pack, and ship system that eliminates waste, minimizes confusion, and accelerates the pick and pack fulfillment process as much as possible is to outsource the activities to a facility that is already set up to handle them on behalf of your company. Our experts have the technology, skills, and experience to manage fulfillment for even the largest national brands, through the use of custom branded storefronts that allow each user to order unique kits and sets of materials.

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