Our Leadership

The Executive Team at Spectra Integration represents a rare collection of industry experience. The five members of the team average 38 years each in the strategy and execution of printing and fulfillment. By combining that experience into one dynamic team, Spectra has created a powerful force for companies with the full range of fulfillment, graphics and branding needs.

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose
and direction.

–John F. Kennedy

Walter Kohn – President and General Manager

From the beginning, Walter has made each individual client’s needs the priority in every business relationship. His vision of a company that custom builds its fulfillment services to match every client perfectly has made Spectra
Integration the, most flexible, efficient fulfillment and graphics provider that it is today.

Thomas Stanek – Director

With more than 35 years in the industry, Thomas has experience managing corporate and commercial accounts, and is right at home at Spectra. His specialized knowledge about color, accounts, and processes demands the perfection that you require. Thomas’ wealth of knowledge makes him the perfect coordinator for your next project.

When Thomas takes a break from project management, you can always find him enjoying family and friends, traveling and spending time at his lake home.

David Schmidt – Dir. of Technology, Brains For Hire

Sir Arthur C. Clarke once wrote “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. David’s job as Director of Technology is to keep the magic “center-stage” at Spectra! Behind the scenes he lends his 40+ years of graphic arts experience to the development and implementation of successful technologies at Spectra so that customers can simply enjoy the “magic” working for them. David and his team enjoy the challenge of first understanding client needs, and then developing solutions tailored to that client.

Although “computing” never quite goes to sleep, in his time away from the office David enjoys quiet moments with his wife and visiting his grown children throughout the Southeast.

Julie Coyle – Dir. of Marketing/Business Development

Julie has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience. Her background includes media sales, print sales, account executive at an advertising agency and a former marketing director at a small community bank. With her diverse background and client first attitude, Julie is sure to understand your strategic goals and marketing needs.

When Julie is not spending time with clients, you can always find her on the tennis court!

Amber Watts – Creative Director/Client Success Advocate

As Creative Director, Amber talents include graphic design as well as client education and advocacy. Over the past 13 years Amber has worked with print and digital applications to achieve success, through branding and marketing campaigns that exceed client expectations. When it comes to managing your brand, Amber is a professional.

Today Amber is focused on improving user experience for business-to-business and business-to-consumer storefronts.


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