Our Fulfillment Strategy

Are fulfillment challenges holding your company back from reaching its full potential? With the number of different activities required to get marketing materials printed, inventoried, kitted, and distributed, fulfillment threatens to consume far too much time and energy for the company that attempts an in-house solution. Outsourcing the activities to multiple providers is a common alternative, but the burden of coordinating the activities still falls to you. The solution that truly takes all fulfillment tasks out of your hands is to entrust the entire process to Spectra Integration.

Our complete set of fulfillment offerings places the entire process with one highly qualified company, where our experts coordinate all steps for maximum efficiency. Once we customize a fulfillment program that perfectly fits your company’s size, scope, and marketing activities, problems like shipping delays, printing mistakes, and kitting errors will be issues of the past. Instead of a drag on your company’s growth, fulfillment can and should be a tool that you use to drive it.
Contact us directly to discover how our knowledge of brand management, digital print services, large format, HIPAA compliance, state-of-the-art warehouse and inventory practices, and corporate kitting can help your company soar to new marketing heights.

Online Print Orders Lower Processing Costs
–InfoTrends / CAP Ventures


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