Order Fulfillment

Spectra Integration specializes in the field of B2B order fulfillment. While many companies will offer you high quality digital print, large format printing, inventory/warehousing, or shipping services, we offer all of those services and more in one efficient package. The most critical step in the order fulfillment process, of course, is actually getting your materials kitted and sent out to the end users. After all, your marketing materials and products do your company no good unless they make it into the hands of your employees when they need them.

Quick Order Fulfillment

Fulfilling orders quickly is a priority for your business, and we have always made it a priority as well. When we receive an order for a kit of materials, our staff acts immediately to put the kit together and get it on its way as soon as possible. This ensures that your limited-time offers, seasonal campaigns, and other time-sensitive marketing efforts are not negatively affected by delays in the order fulfillment process.

Accurate Order Fulfillment

Our quality control and inventory technologies allow us to achieve speed in fulfillment without sacrificing accuracy. Each kit is customized to perfectly meet each end user’s needs and access levels, even when that means drawing from various information sources provided to us by your company. Our highly talented data integration team keeps these information sources secure throughout the process, with advanced data integrity protocols and 100% HIPAA compliance.

Convenient Order Fulfillment

Our system gives the employees at your locations the ultimate in convenience when placing orders for customized kits. The employee logs in to an online storefront that Spectra Integration creates and tailors to your brand, then chooses from the materials offered at his or her access level. Ordering through Spectra’s branded storefront system is as simple and intuitive as doing business at your favorite online retailer!

Activities Across the Fulfillment Spectrum

Each step in the fulfillment process is just as convenient for your company as the final kitting/shipping step outlined above. We employ leading security and efficiency tools at every stage, keeping track of your materials’ location and quantity with customized inventory software. For clients who choose to use our modern digital print facility to create their marketing materials, we set up a web-2-print system that is powerful enough to handle all design/logo submission, graphics, ordering, and other activities.

All of our fulfillment activities are absolutely customized to meet each individual client’s needs—we never expect a client to alter their tried-and-true business practices to match a prescribed system for the sake of our own convenience. Instead, we become the order fulfillment department that your company has always wished it had but never thought it could afford. Email us or chat live today to learn more about our services.


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