Kitting Solutions for the Most Complex Projects

A “normal” day in the work life of a sales representative at a national chain of retail stores—a tire distributor, for instance—might include placing an order with a manufacturer for marketing materials promoting their products. That sales rep expects to find a simple, intuitive website, a clear explanation of the different materials and kits available to him, and a user-friendly ordering process. A few days later, he expects to find a box waiting for him in his office, containing all the materials he ordered and shipped to him on time. That sales rep probably doesn’t realize, though, just how detailed the kitting solutions were that happened on the other side of the ordering process.

That Ordering Website…

Just the first step of this process (logging on to an easy-to-use online storefront) required some very advanced inventory and kitting solutions. At Spectra Integration, we build a fully customized storefront for each of our clients, built around the materials that they provide for their users and the various ways that they want to kit, ship, and return those materials. The online ordering process will only be intuitive if it structured in that fully customized manner; conversely, a cookie-cutter approach to building an online store forces the client to adjust their processes to accommodate the template—and that’s something that should never have to happen.

User-Focused Kitting Solutions

In order for our theoretical sales rep to have a successful marketing campaign, the materials he gets should be specifically designed for his needs. One of the kitting solutions Spectra Integration offers is making different sets of materials, rebates, and other products available to different tiers of users. When the user logs on to the online storefront using his name and password, he only sees the materials and kits that are available to his tier. This lets the manufacturer offer a wide variety of focused marketing items without overwhelming each individual user with a long list of items that he will not need.

Inventory and Kitting

Once that online order arrives at Spectra Integration, the clock is ticking. Our team acts with efficiency and uses technologically advanced tools to locate the necessary items in our warehouse, carefully pack them for a damage-free trip, and ship them to the user. At every stage within the kitting process, digital scanners, bar codes, and other equipment are being used to verify that the correct materials are being pulled and assembled in the kit, and that the address information on the final package is correct.

We know that accuracy during kitting is the hinge on which a marketing campaign’s success or failure depends. If the sales rep opens up that package and finds the wrong materials, his campaign will be sabotaged and the effort that went into building the online storefront and ordering the kit will have been wasted. That’s why we rely on dependable technology in our inventory and kitting solutions whenever possible, and our staff is highly skilled in executing even the most complicated forms of kitting in manufacturing.

Returns and Restocking

Often, a manufacturer is interested in getting reusable or unused marketing materials back from the user so that it can be restocked for future use. When that’s the case, our kitting solutions include mailing the user new packaging and a pre-addressed shipping label to make the return easy and simple—just like the rest of the ordering process. When the package arrives back at our facility, we carefully inspect each reusable item for damage and restock everything in preparation for the next kitting project.

The advanced inventory system used in our warehouse gives us the capability to rotate reusable items, reducing the wear on any one item. When reusable items are damaged during use at a retail location, our system makes it easy for us to contact the manufacturer, request a replacement, and place it in the manufacturer’s inventory alongside their other in-stock materials.

Kitting Solutions for Your Company

If your current inventory and kitting solutions are not completely streamlined, efficient, and accurate, you should not be content with them! Turning your fulfillment process into an asset for your company instead of a burden is as easy as starting a conversation with Spectra Integration. Email us today!