Integrated Fulfillment

There are plenty of reasons why a large company would choose an integrated fulfillment partner for its B2B fulfillment services. It could simply be the realization that the company’s growth depends on getting marketing materials to representatives in a more efficient manner. Or it could be a deep dissatisfaction with a lack of coordination between multiple third-party service providers. An integrated fulfillment company solves these and many other issues by placing the entire process, from print to mailing, in the hands of one team. The true key to success is ensuring that this team has the procedures in place, the experience behind them, and the tools in hand to perform all of your fulfillment activities with precision and efficiency.

Saving Time at Every Turn

Spectra Integration saves time during every phase of its integrated fulfillment process by using the right technology for the job and by linking that phase closely with others. In digital print, for example, we use our incredibly versatile web-2-print portal to obtain graphic and print material designs from each client. Once we print the materials in our advanced facility, we can immediately move them to our warehouse for inventory, thus cutting out a step that often consumes extra time and money when printing and inventory are performed by different companies.

Inventory Services

At the heart of our integrated fulfillment system is an accurate, powerful inventory process. Our software allows us to keep our warehouse organized by client, so each company’s printed pieces, promotional items, apparel, large format, and other materials are stored securely and safely, ready to be pulled for kitting at any time. Our online communications portal allows the client to order new materials for stock and restock previously ordered materials so that our facility is always ready to ship them out when orders for them come in.

Ordering Convenience

Our web-2-print portal is the key to efficiency at the beginning of the integrated fulfillment chain, and our online storefront system completes the chain with the same level of efficiency. Each company gets its very own online storefront, fully branded and customized to match the company’s marketing approach. Through this storefront, a sales representative or store manager can log in, view the various materials and products that are available, and place orders. When different users need access to different items, we use advanced data integration methods to create a unique storefront experience for each user based on his or her needs.

Each order gets the full attention of our expert kitting staff, which pulls the necessary items, updates inventory, personalizes print materials when appropriate, assembles kits, and performs quality control to verify that each kit contains the correct contents before it is shipped.

To learn more about Spectra’s integrated fulfillment services, call us at 855-844-9393 and speak with one of our sales representatives.


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