Healthcare Fulfillment Services

It takes a special kind of company to provide healthcare fulfillment services that not only are efficient, high quality, and customized to each client, but that also protect patient information and privacy according to all applicable government regulations. In creating and fulfilling orders for promotional items, print materials, graphics, large format pieces, and mailers for use in the healthcare industry, we face numerous challenges that are not normally part of a standard corporate marketing campaign. Our healthcare fulfillment services are supported by a thorough knowledge of those challenges and a system in place that is set up to address those challenges efficiently and securely.

Patient Privacy First: HIPAA Compliance

Our healthcare fulfillment services are 100% HIPAA compliant. When you engage Spectra Integration at any or all phases of the fulfillment chain, you can count on absolute adherence to patient privacy standards. It all starts with basic data integrity, securing all the personal information that passes through our facility against identity theft and accidental exposure. We use dedicated spaces when necessary to keep physical and digital data separate from our other day-to-day operations and clients who pass through our facility. Our termination procedures destroy all documents and ensure that no information escapes our control after the project is complete.

Our compliance extends to the more particular HIPAA patient privacy requirements as well. When we create printed mailers, patient recruitment campaign materials, and other pieces for communication with members of the public, we use language that avoids violating patient privacy rights under HIPAA.

Timely Fulfillment

When you need healthcare fulfillment services to operate according to a strict timeframe, Spectra Integration is prepared to spring into action. We pride ourselves on adopting a sense of urgency for each of our clients’ needs, and when the health of a hospital or practice’s patients is under consideration, we recognize that the stakes are even higher. But the speed of our healthcare fulfillment services never compromises the quality of the print materials, promotional items, or large format pieces, and it never leads to inaccuracy in kitting. All fulfillment and delivery steps are strictly controlled using advanced quality control processes, increasing efficiency without sacrificing accuracy.

Choose Experience

When selecting a partner for healthcare fulfillment services, inexperience is not just a negative factor—it should disqualify a potential company from consideration. Spectra Integration offers 40 years of fulfillment and print management experience, with a special focus on healthcare fulfillment services during much of that history. We stay informed about the many complex changes in healthcare industry regulations and the ways that those changes affect our clients’ marketing campaigns.

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