Fulfillment Logistics

What can a fulfillment logistics provider do for your company? Many of the tasks that seem to consume far too much time, coordination, and money on the part of your managers fall under the category of logistics fulfillment, and many companies try to accomplish those tasks using methods that are inefficient at best. With Spectra Integration, these tasks are all housed under one roof in a closely coordinated set of solutions, from digital print to inventory to kitting to direct mail. Here are just a few of the benefits that come from partnering with a fully integrated fulfillment logistics company:


If your company is like most, the space in your facilities is at a premium. Using a large bulk of that space to store marketing materials before they are mailed out is inconvenient at best, and simply impossible for many businesses. There are quite a few obstacles to using your company space for warehousing, and they all lead to unnecessary problems. Entrusting your warehousing needs to a full-service fulfillment logistics company like Spectra Integration is the proven way to vault your storage, inventory, kitting, and shipping activities to a higher echelon.

The less organized the storage of materials is, the more likely it becomes that those materials will not make it to their final shipping destinations in the condition you desire. A closet, outbuilding, or corner of the office that does not have the security, climate control, and inventory of an advanced warehousing facility exposes your materials to a number of threats. Water damage can occur from unnoticed leaks in the roof. Insects and other pests can destroy paper materials. If materials are being stored in a frequently used area, the simple fact that people are constantly working near them increases the chances that they will suffer wear and tear, get knocked off the shelf, or be misplaced if someone needs to move them.

Overall Efficiency

Time spent looking for misplaced materials, figuring out where newly printed materials can be stored, recounting items that were not inventoried accurately, and rushing to print pieces that should have been in stock is time that your employees could be spending on more important tasks. With the help of Spectra Integration, you can avoid these obstacles to fulfillment success and enjoy the benefits of a warehousing staff that has the controlled environment, inventory technology, and skill to keep all of your materials in stock according to your specifications. Our facility in Columbia, SC is at your service for all of your fulfillment logistics needs.

The other elements of our full-service fulfillment company work in harmony with our warehousing services to increase your company’s efficiency even further. Our in-house printing facility, which includes digital print capability, and our highly skilled data integration team open up fulfillment logistics possibilities that will make it easy for your company to reach its goals with maximum efficiency.


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