Whether you call it e-fulfillment or e-commerce fulfillment, managing fulfillment tasks through online portals, storefronts, and other applications has absolutely transformed the industry. Companies now have the option to submit new designs for their print materials, review proofs, place additional orders for previously submitted materials, and conduct many more activities without ever visiting a print facility—and that’s just one phase of the fulfillment process.

Once materials are printed and stored using our secure, technologically advanced inventory system, our client’s sales personnel stationed anywhere in the world can order the exact items they need, customized for each user’s access level and needs. Our e-fulfillment center’s expert staff members use strict quality control measures to verify that the kit we put together for each user contains the correct items and that all customizable elements follow the criteria provided to us in the order.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Having three main fulfillment categories performed by the same service (printing, warehousing, and shipping) eliminates the coordination difficulties that so often get in the way of efficiency. Moving printed materials straight to the warehouse, then kitting and shipping them as soon as we receive an order, gives companies levels of fulfillment speed and affordability that have never before been possible. Each of our e-fulfillment clients has just one number to call if they have questions about any of the steps in the process, from digital print to over/understock to direct mail.

Accurate, Reliable E-fulfillment Services

It is our philosophy that in order for an e-commerce fulfillment partner to be of service, that partner needs to be absolutely reliable. Our quality control measures are built to flag any inconsistencies during fulfillment, solving problems before they make their way to the end users. Our experts can be trusted to accurately kit even the most complex materials, requiring multiple levels of data integration from various information sources provided by the client.

Our e-commerce fulfillment service is committed to absolute data integrity and the security of our clients’ information. We are 100% HIPAA compliant and qualified to protect the personal and medical information provided to us by hospitals, private practices, and clinical research organizations.

Simplify Your Process with E-fulfillment

If your company is not yet making full use of the incredible efficiency that e-fulfillment offers, there is a good chance that you are spending too much time and money on fulfillment topics. Spectra Integration can streamline all of your B2B fulfillmentHIP needs, saving your entire company money, expanding your ability to customize materials for all of your end users, and growing your marketing strategy with creative branding and promotional ideas.

Contact us directly to find out how our digital print, pick-and-pack, kitting, and many other e-fulfillment services can drive growth for your company.


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