Direct Mail Fulfillment

Direct mail fulfillment shouldn’t be an obstacle to your company’s growth. It’s true that the topic is complex and potentially expensive, but that doesn’t mean that you are doomed to struggle through trial and error until you figure everything out—it just means that you need a direct mail fulfillment partner that is already set up to distribute your materials at minimum cost and maximum efficiency. That’s exactly what Spectra Integration offers your company when you make us your source for fulfillment services.

In-Depth Postage & Shipping Knowledge

The average American has no concept of just how much work is behind the catalogs, brochures, and other sales materials that he picks up in his local retail store. Once the materials are actually printed and inventoried, it takes an advanced facility to sort, address, and mail them to potentially thousands of different locations. Any mistakes in data integration or address inaccuracies can mean disaster for the sales of an individual location or of the company as a whole.

At Spectra, our warehousing, kitting, and direct mail fulfillment activities are tied together and governed by strict quality control measures to ensure that each of our clients enjoys on-time, accurate delivery of marketing materials to its locations. With decades of experience working with the USPS and shipping companies, our team is uniquely positioned to fulfill your employees’ orders affordably and reliably.

Data Integration Experts

The force behind our data integration success is a team of incredibly knowledgeable, creative people who take up each customer’s challenge with the same enthusiasm and determination. The team has proven its skill many times over by coming up with efficient, powerful solutions to problems that seemed nearly unsolvable. Whether they are personalizing tax forms for hundreds of thousands of employees or setting up multiple access levels for sales representatives in different tiers, we rely on our data integration experts for the trickiest elements of direct mail fulfillment.

Data Integrity and HIPAA Compliance

Our direct mail fulfillment center has extensive experience working with hospitals, clinical research sites, medical practices, and other organizations that handle the most sensitive types of personal information for patients. We offer 100% HIPAA compliance during all phases of fulfillment, preventing medical and personal information from being exposed and following all patient privacy rules when creating print materials on medical topics.

Data integrity is a central element of every direct mail fulfillment project that we handle, whether our client is a large hospital system or a corporation with retail locations across the country. For well over three decades, we have been giving our current and future clients a record of success to look at as they decide whether to work with us to meet their fulfillment needs.


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