Corporate Fulfillment Center

A corporate fulfillment center is a dizzying place for a visitor. A warehouse full of shelves, boxes, and barcodes; shipments coming in to be inventoried; boxes being packed in preparation for shipping; and lots of other activities that are invisible to the onlooker. Now consider the fact that within that corporate fulfillment center, materials from many different companies are being received, stored, inventoried, kitted, and shipped at the same time. This is not a task for a company that is just getting its business model figured out!

Spectra Integration has operated just such a complex corporate fulfillment center for four decades, with a rate of success that has given our longest-standing clients great confidence in our ability to handle even the most complicated and time-sensitive of their fulfillment needs.

Inventory Technology

We rely on technology that is versatile enough to fit each one of our clients’ inventory needs, and strong enough to handle all of those needs at once without holding any of our clients back. If we have to undertake a large kitting project on short notice that requires pick-and-pack activity as well as detailed data integration, we need to know that our inventory system is prepared to do what we need it to. As we create those kits, our data integration system uses bar codes and other tracking technologies to make sure every customized item makes it into the correct box and makes it to the correct end user.

Digital Print

Unlike many corporate fulfillment centers, Spectra Integration enjoys the efficiency of a fully integrated, modern digital print facility. Instead of having graphic and print materials delivered to our warehouse from a third-party printer, we handle orders in-house, communicated to us by our clients through dedicated, branded web-2-print portals. Once orders are printed, we immediately inventory them and update stocking records so that the client can easily see how many of each item are currently available.

B2B Fulfillment Excellence

When an end user contacts our corporate fulfillment center to place an order for promotional items, apparel, large format graphics, or printed marketing materials, he does so through a branded, unique online storefront. If needed, we customize each user’s access to simplify the storefront experience, and the user can easily see and select the items needed. Our data integration technology fulfills the order and customizes each piece as necessary, and our expert staff ships the order out on time.

Outsourcing your fulfillment activities to a corporate fulfillment center is a serious choice, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Choose a company that has decades of proven success behind it; advantages that promise efficiency for the printing, inventory, and shipping of your materials; and a responsive, flexible team that is focused on your needs. Choose Spectra Integration.


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