Artwork Submission Guidelines

Spectra is committed to making sure your printed materials are the best they can possibly be. Please help us by following the suggested guidelines for any files submitted to our prepress department.



When submitting a file, include the name and version of the program used to create the artwork. Include the file name, finished size, page count including cover, and all unique colors (PMS Colors). This helps us to make sure that we’re working with the correct file.



It is best to use vector graphics when possible as opposed to raster, or bitmap images. Vector graphics can retain high image quality at any size. Raster images are composed of tiny dots. If a raster image is used in your art, please be sure that all art is 300 dots per inch (dpi) at the size you intend your art to print. Many times images taken from the internet or scanned will not be 300 dpi. 300 dpi is the minimum image resolution that is recommended to deliver clear and vibrant images. Pictures that are less than 300 dpi will be fuzzy and unclear.



When setting up your art file, trim size should be the same as the final printed size. Bleeds are used if you need your printed piece to have color to the edge of the page. Bleeds should be exactly .125” over the final finished size, on all sides (i.e. 8.5 x 11” file with bleeds will be 8.75 x 11.25”). Extend any background colors or design elements all the way to the bleed edge, .125” outside the trim line. To be at full bleed, the design must extend to the edge of the bleed area. This ensures that an unwanted white border is not shown after the document is trimmed.

To avoid having text or images cut off during trimming, please keep all important information a safe distance from the edge of your file. This is generally .125” inside the trim line.

When your document has a fold, honor a safe area on either side of the fold line as well. This will keep important information from falling into the fold when the piece is finished.



When submitting native files, please check to be sure bleeds are set up properly and package all linked images and fonts. We will not be able to see or use your fonts or images, if not provided.



When submitting a print-ready pdf, please check to be sure bleed and trim boxes are correct. Include all correctly named Pantone colors (i.e. Pantone 3005C), and embed fonts, or convert text to outlines when creating a file for submission. We will not be able to see or use your selected fonts if they are not included.


Still have questions? Give us a call, stop by or send us an email and we’re happy to help!